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Like other proud parents, Val and I are extremely proud of our girls.  Gianna took home two awards from the MCSE Fair this year (2007); second place from the MIRTHE Group, and a second place from the Peddie School Summer Science Institute.  The first picture is with Gianna and her science teacher Mr. Shell.  The second photo is with Tiffany Ko from MIRTHE.

Gianna accepts her award in 2006 at the Mercer County Science Fair from the Dept. of the Navy. 

As luck would have it, the Navy Captain that was to present the award became ill and could not present the award during the ceremony.  Like the trouper he was, the Army Captain stepped in and made Gianna extremely happy by presenting the award.

Here is Syd (with her mom (on her right) and her aunt Jo Anne) taking flat Stanley to Gianna's Hello Dolly school play.  Flat Stanley is such a nice guy.  He gave Syd flowers so that she could give them t Gianna.



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