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Ever since my first MBA class at Rider University (Spring '04), Servant Leadership has been one of my primary interests.  It states that to be a leader, you must first be a servant at heart.  Professor Ruble (he was the professor of this MBA class; Management Theory and Practice) recommended the book, and I have been spreading the news and practicing its precepts ever since.

The Servant
A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership
Written by James C. Hunter


The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership
The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership (Hardcover)
by James C. Hunter "GOOD MORNING," MY ROOMMATE cheerfully called out to me from his bed before I had even turned my alarm off, "I'm Pastor Lee from Wisconsin..." (more)
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In this absorbing tale, you watch the timeless principles of servant leadership unfold through the story of John Daily, a businessman whose outwardly successful life is spiraling out of control. He is failing miserably in each of his leadership roles as boss, husband, father, and coach. To get his life back on track, he reluctantly attends a weeklong leadership retreat at a remote Benedictine monastery.

To John's surprise, the monk leading the seminar is a former business executive and Wall Street legend. Taking John under his wing, the monk guides him to a realization that is simple yet profound: The true foundation of leadership is not power, but authority, which is built upon relationships, love, service, and sacrifice.

Along with John, you will learn that the principles in this book are neither new nor complex. They don't demand special talents; they are simply based on strengthening the bonds of respect, responsibility, and caring with the people around you. Perhaps this is why The Servant has touched readers from all walks of life—because its message can be applied by anyone, anywhere—at home or at work.

If you are tired of books that lecture instead of teach; if you are searching for ways to improve your leadership skills; if you want to understand the timeless virtues that lead to lasting and meaningful success, then this book is one you cannot afford to miss.


James C. Hunter is principal consultant of J. D. Hunter Associates, a labor relations and training consulting firm located near Detroit. He is a sought-after public speaker and trainer primarily in the areas of servant leadership and community (team) building. He resides in Michigan with his wife and daughter and can be reached online at



The Servant Leadership Training Course: Achieving Success Through Character, Bravery & Influence


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Over a third of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work for” adhere to a principle called “servant leadership.” James C. Hunter’s runaway best seller The Servant (Crown Business, 1998) introduced over a million readers around the world to this philosophy of leading through courage, compassion, and character. Now with The Servant Leadership Training Course, this acclaimed author teaches listeners immediate, practical techniques for applying the revolutionary principles of servant leadership to their working lives. Drawing from the sold-out seminars he has presented all over the world, Hunter teaches listeners about:

• The role of character: how right action builds inner strength and inspires others to grow

• How major corporations have turned servant leadership into increased morale, productivity, and profit—and what it means for your business

• Learning to use influence instead of intimidation to achieve your goals, and much more

In the business world, the greatest leaders emerging today are the ones who have learned how to serve their employees, not command them. With foundational principles and practical exercises that apply to chief executives and local managers alike, The Servant Leadership Training Course gives listeners the keys to leading with integrity, authority, and compassion.


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