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This page is dedicated to marking the progress of the reconstruction project at the World Trade Center site.  I will post updates from time to time.

March 14, 2007 (Archimedes p-day, 3-14)

The five pillars you see in this frame are the first 6 to be erected for the new Freedom Tower.  This tower will eventually rise 1776 feet from street level when completed.  Details of the building site can be found at:




What used to be an open sidewalk along the WTC, is the Vesey Street wind tunnel.  February was not kind to tunnel walkers this year.

The angular concrete structure shown behind the brown van is one of the last remaining structures of the old center.  What to do with it has raised quite a controversy.  Some want it moved to a museum, or to the first floor of 2 World Financial Center to be part of the WTC reconstruction exhibit.  Others just want it out of there.

Over by the PATH entrance/exit, is a memorial for the WTC victims, survivors and their families.

Photos of twisted metal, paintings of shattered lives.  I pause by it nearly every time I come to the financial district which is about 3 times a week these days.

The South Tower of the World Financial Center is seen in the distance.  I have an office there.

MetLife Building towards the left.

Front facade of St. Georges Church.

A shot taken from our training center on Broadway.  The windows have a film on them which may distort the image slightly.  The two towers in the distance are two of the four World Financial Center buildings.  The arched structure between them is the Winter Garden Theatre which was destroyed on 9/11.