2009-10 Updates
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  •  Re-profile keel: (decided against for this year, but I did cut the templates and sized things up)

    • where: t is the thickness in percent (.09 for NACA 0009, .12 for NACA 0012, etc.) and x goes from zero to one as stations (percentage of length) along the chord.  y is the distance from the centerline (above or below).

    • 1. Establish overall chord line length (c); our example is 24".


      2.Refer to NACA 0012 Basic Thickness Form. Calculate and mark the station locations (x) which are a percentage of the overall chord line length, measured from 0%.


      3. Calculate and mark the y dimensions (thickness from the chord line) at each station.


      4. Duplicate the y dimension points on the other half of the foil.


      5. Connect the plotted points with a batten or ship's curve.


      6. Lay out the leading edge radius. The actual radius is a 90 degree segment of a circle drawn tangent to #O, bisected by the chord line. Its radius is 1.58% of the chord line length (c).



  •  Repaint and service Engine.   Pulleys and impeller need servicing.

  •  Replace cockpit controls panel.  The old panel impossible to read underway.

  •  Service forward/reverse shifter.

  •  Sanitize holds (done)

  •  Repaint Deck

  •  Replace Crank Battery (done)

  •  Replace Mainsheet (deferred)

  •  Refurbish mainsheet hardware (done)

  •  Refurbish/replace lifeline hardware (next year)

  •  Redo Icebox insulation  (in progress)

  •  Add new 125% Genoa (done)

  •  Clean/repair mainsail (done)

  •  Install Bimini top (done)

  •  Consider dodger options (hard vs. frame)

  • Rebuild raw water pump (done)

  • Replace mixing elbow (done) on the Yanmar.   Required on account that the engine stalled and would not stay running.  After inspections found it to be nearly completely plugged up.

  • Mast-gate - Also known as Sailgate, designed to keep the mainsail slugs in the track when passing through the gate. (done)

  • Cockpit Table (done)