H33 Splash
Home Up

I know it might not seem like an upgrade, but for Arpeggio I believe it is.  She had been on the hard for two years.  Moving from land to the water where she belongs is an upgrade in my mind.  On May 5, our scheduled launch (splash) took place without fanfare.  I was was nervous.  I made some changes to the fittings below water line and I am nervous about those changes until testing verifies everything was done right.  I had never started the engine; would she start?  It's hard to tell from these pictures taken on a day when the light was flat that her hull really shined up nicely with the poliglow.  On the way over to the slip, the engine cooling buzzer came on indication we needed to replace the raw water impeller.  Two years on the hard can cause the rubber in the pump to develop flats spots as well as becoming hard.  I will replace the impeller before the next startup.