Triumph Trophy
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The triple tree in the 1999 Triumph Trophy has a 3/16"-1/4" whole between the ignition switch and the column bolt.   This just so happens to be an ideal location to mount a  GPS unit. 

The first thing you will need to decide is the ball size of your system; a 1" ball-end system (b-size) , or 1.5" ball-end system (c-size).   I decided upon the 1.5" (c-size) system for added damping potential for a high vibration type application such as a motorcycle.  I guarantee that there is no wobble, vibration or buzz with this c-size mount system.

There have been a few components recently added to the catalogue that might have worked for the application.

ram239.jpg or some variation in length of the neck.

ram2181.jpg this almost looks like a pipe end fitting.

Note:  if there is no letter in the RAM part number, it is by default a c size (1.5").

However, since I had the RAM-202, it required grinding the base for it to fit around/between the ignition switch and the column bolt.  After grinding to satisfaction, just tap the base, apply a little thread lock to the bolt, and tighten.  It took a little less than an hour to do the whole job.  The worst part was getting a wrench to the under side of the triple tree to tighten the bolt.  Its tight under there.  The Touratech was mounted to another ram mount plate I had lying around from a camcorder adaptation.

For reference purposes, go to in the ramcat catalogue for sizing information and to the component catalogue for all options possible