H33C Anchor_Roller
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Kind of crowded up here for the anchor that came with the boat.

Rode, Chain and anchor are now in the basement.

New Bow Roller setup for the SS Bruce Anchor (22 LB).  I also have the CQR-35 for emergencies.  I made the holding bracket from titanium bar stock; 1/4" x 1" x 7" (two bars make one bracket).  The locking pin is 3/8" x 4" SS.  Next comes the sprit platform.  The sprit platform does not need to go out to the end of the roller.

The new layout/approach by enlarging the picture below  This was subsequently modified.

 After installation.  I have a new anchor rode/chain that was installed after these pictures were taken.  To ajust the height of the area between anchor well and the black plastic bow cover, I used 1/4" Star Board.  Also, I still need to clean the excess marine sealant off the chocks and cleat it has been said to leave it until after cure to remove frome the SS.