H33C Bunk Cabinet
Home Up

First a glimpse of the old: The door is stained but not sealed or varnished.  The Plywood around the door is 1/4" Luan without edging. 

Last year, we varnished the lower cabinet, deepened each drawer to the max, and used baskets on the bunk/ledge to hold our stuff.

This year, we decided to put a cabinet front on the upper from Mahogany, stain color is Pecan (Minwax Polyshades Urethane/Stain).  Frame rails and styles were cut from mahogany 2x12 3/4 thick, then sanded and stained.  Each door was made to accept a 1/4" to 3/8" thick panel.  We decided to make the panels from photographs of our H33 and Plexiglas.  These have yet to be finished (1/8" Plexiglas and photo prints ordered).  The prints are Duratrans prints from ArtisanColor and made for backlighting.

Used a Kreg Jig for the first time and learned a bit from the experience. 

The swivel latch is made from 1/4 mahogany plywood with the H33 overhead profile with a maple sliver placed on top to represent the cabin top.  This profile drawing can be found on many sailboat data sites.  Felt applied to the bottom of each latch.

The plywood panel the attaches the frame to the cabin liner needed to fit to a compound curve (curved vertically and horizontally.  The vertical curve on the frame side was supported by 1/4" marine ply.  It was screwed into the cabin liner with 1/2" screws. The horizontal curve was measured on a grid once the frame was mounted in place to under-lap the liner by 3/4 inch.