H33 CabinWalls
Home Up

Arpeggio had indoor outdoor carpeting on the cabin walls which looked pretty dirty and moldy.  It had to go.  After pulling it off, we painted the walls with mold-proof Zinsser.  Then, we laid up fir strips on each side of the chain-plate knees and about every 12 inches in the pilot berth.  We will then cover with Western Red Cedar.

In the pilot berth, there is a fair amount of curvature in the hull.  This dictated shorter fir strip sections to follow the contour more easily without the having to apply braces as was done in the main salon.  Pettit Flexpoxy was used to hold the strips in place.  As is usually the case, I had the wrong vehicle at the boatyard this day; the car.  The mixing nozzles for my Six-10 epoxy were in the Suburban at home.  I did not think I needed the truck because all of the material and supplies were in the boat; wrong.  The mixing nozzles would have been nice.  Instead, I pumped the Flexpoxy into a dixie cup and mixed it with a screw driver.

Main cabin showing the cross bracing to hold the fir strips in place.

This was all done in spring of 2012.

Spring of 2013 provided the chance to finish the cedar panels with two coats of Minwax Pecan Polyshade finish and with two coats of Minwax Helmsman Varnish.

Finally, the cabin is nearing completion.  The cedar has two coats of Minwax Pecan Polyurathane, teak is varnished, pillows added, speakers mounted on green felt, and new cutting board/galley work area surface added.

Starboard cabinet speaker on green felt.

Corner of cutting board, engine access cover and transmission access cover.

Still have more to clear off the ledge.

Picture cover a hole cut into the bulkhead for access to cabinet after the heater was added.  This is how it looked when I bought her:  the heater is being removed for a vertical air conditioner. The fuel lines will be replaced with quick disconnects so the stove can be reinstalled later if desired.

Mahogany and maple work area.  Finished with hot wax and iron (the way I learned to do it in 4H.  I installed angle brackets and a sheer pin to keep in from sliding out.

  Starboard side showing the diesel vent port for the diesel fuel holding tank for cabin heater.