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  • The new foam is cut from the pattern the of the old cushion.  The original cushion is the darker brown colored thing in the picture in case you were wondering.
  • Each cushion cover has three main components; plates, boxing and closures.  I used Velcro for my closure.  The boxing is the narrow strip that goes around the edges of the cushion.  The plates are top of the cushion and the bottom of the cushion.  The part of the boxing where the closures goes need to be hemmed since there will not be inside the cushion.  I sewed the 1/2" hem free-hand (no pins).  Micro-fiber is easy to work with.  The details for how the cover was sewn together will be made available on a few film clips at the bottom of this page.
  • The first cushion was the hardest I believe and perhaps the least perfect.  I started with the v-berth cushions since they are not very visible.
  • The finished cushions were stacked by the window; 6 down and 3 to go at this point.